Your destination for outdoor storage in Twin Falls, ID

Muni Storage is now offering storage for campers, trailers and RVs. We've made room for large recreational vehicles, utility trailers and other items at our storage facility in Twin Falls, Idaho. Whether you need to store it for a few weeks or for a few months, we have flexible options for all types of large vehicles and equipment. Reach out to Muni Storage today and you'll have a secure storage solution for all of your belongings.

3 reasons to choose Muni for your large item storage

3 reasons to choose Muni for your large item storage

You probably don't have enough room at your home to keep your camper, trailer or RV at all year-round. There are many advantages to bringing your large vehicle to a trusted storage facility. Here are a few reasons to choose Muni Storage for trailer, camper and RV storage in Twin Falls, ID:

  1. Outdoor storage at Muni comes at a flat rate. No surprise fees down the road.
  2. Your items will be watched over 24/7 with our new high-quality security cameras.
  3. We have various sizes available to secure and monitor your vehicles and items.

Don't let your RV take up space in your driveway. Find somewhere to put your camper in the meantime. Get in touch with Muni Storage and arrange all the details for your storage unit today!