Creating an Eco-Friendly Home

Now that your extra clothes, knick-knacks, and furniture are safely stored in one of our units, how can you improve your home and make it a greener space? These tips and tricks are suggestions to get you on the right path!

1) Cut Out the Paper - Download the App Instead

Is there an app out there that can help you with your project? Limit the amount of paper your family uses at home to save trees! Keep your To Do List on your phone, add birthdays to your phone's calendar, save your favorite recipes, utilize map apps. Join an online coupon app and stop cluttering your fridge with clipped promotions.

2) Donate Books & Magazines You've Already Read

While there is definitely appeal in a beautiful home library, not all books and magazines are worth saving. If you are holding on to the November 2015 issue of your favorite home magazine because of an article or picture of a credenza you're covetting, take a picture of the page or see if you can find the same info online. Many shelters would welcome the donations, especially children's books.

3) Old, Outdated Electronics

No longer need your CD player from college? Have a drawer full of old flip phones? You can either donate them to local organizations or recycle them at Best Buy.

4) Furniture with Multiple Purposes

Small space? Invest in furniture that can be used in multiple ways! Chairs that convert to step stools, benches with hidden storage, or mirrors that also hold jewelry are all great examples. These will not only save space, but also allow you to save money by purchasing less furniture.

5) Buy in Bulk

Buy food in bulk to save yourself money and prevent extra packaging. A single jug of juice takes up less space than juice boxes on the shelf, and reusable cups help save the Earth, for example.

6) Organize the Pantry and Fridge

Once a week, pull items that are close to expiring to the front of your shelves. Throw away things past their expiration dates. This will help cut down on your groceries and prevent waste.

7) Set Up a Recycling Station

It's easy to recycle if you're set up for it! Place a recycling bin next to your kitchen trash can and you'll be amazed at what collects. Reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and save energy just by adding an extra bin for plastics and cardboard/paper. It's easy to get in the habit once you start. For example, rinse out all your forgotten, expired, half-full bottles of lotion and face wash, check the labels for the recycling logo, and throw them into the recycling bin. Note that Origins stores will recycle old beauty containers for free.

8) Switch to Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Products

Upgrade your favorite products! Go for bamboo over plastic, choose glass containers when possible, swap in a metal razors over disposable.

9) Repurpose Your Things

Look around your home and get creative! Rather than throwing away and buying new, see if you can switch up the duties for everyday items. Do you have an old bulletin board in the attic? Hang it on the wall and it can become an easy-to-access jewelry holder. Take old suitcases and stack them to make end tables (store blankets and things inside!). Book crates can create shelving. You may have a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture just sitting in your garage and never knew it!

10) Go Green - Literally!

Adding plants to your home will not only add texture and depth, but plants naturally purify the air.